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Watching YouTube is really fun. In fact, users can find anything there. Starting from hits songs to funny vlogs, Youtube provides it for all.
25 Desember 2019
Android 4.1 and Up
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Watching YouTube is really fun. In fact, users can find anything there. Starting from hits songs to funny vlogs, Youtube provides it for all. However, sometimes the signal is too bad or even users are reluctant to wasteful quota, so they can’t keep watching their favorite videos on Youtube. In this condition, users can download Dentex Youtube downloader.


First, let’s find out what Dentex is first. Dentex is an application where users can download Youtube videos for free. So, the video can be watched again easily even without a signal. Let’s look at some Dentex features that will make it easier for users.

YouTube Download Dentex Features

Dentex has various features that can make it easier for users to enjoy content. Here are some of the features.

Download videos in .mp4 format

With Dentex’s youtube downloader online download, users can download videos in .mp4 format. Youtube application does allow users to download videos, but not in the form of videos. Videos downloaded from Youtube can only be watched on Youtube.

When downloading mp4 videos, users can use them for many things. For example, to create content. Or for vlog reference. Users can also send it to colleagues through the messenger application.

Download social media videos

In addition to Youtube, at Dentex social media users can also download videos from social media. For example, videos from Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram. There are lots of interesting Instagram videos, right?

The download process is the same as the video download process for Youtube, so downloading fb videos and others will not be difficult for users.

Have high quality videos

The quality of videos that can be downloaded with Dentex is not just cans. Users can download full free youtube downloader from mobile phones. What are the advantages of HD video?

HD video is a high definition quality video format. So, HD video is very clear, easy to watch and not blurry.

With the free youtube downloader download, videos of this type can be obtained easily and can be watched continuously.

Listen to music

Not only in MP4 format, by downloading Dentex, users can also get files with Youtube Mp3 download format for example. So, this application also applies like an online video converter.

The selected video can be downloaded with other formats, even the music format. So, users can listen to music at any time.

In addition to music in the mp3 format, users can also choose videos with 3GP, MOV, and so on.

Choose quality

Sometimes, users want videos that are small in size. Automatic, it would be better if you choose a video with a low quality. At Dentex, users can choose to download videos with quality other than HD. For example, videos with the quality of 360, 720, and so on.

Download YouTube Downloader Dentex Apk v6.7 Latest Version

Users cannot download Dentex through the Play Store. However, there is no need to worry. Because, users can download via the free download link youtube downloader full version.

Download this Youtube Dentex apk for free. In addition, this latest version also includes various formats.

Dentex Video Downloader Download
Size 3.95MB
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How to use Dentex Downloader

The way to use Dentex is actually quite easy. The user only needs to download it then perform the following steps:

Copy the link

First of all, first copy the video link that will be downloaded alias downloaded, both from Youtube or from other social media. Then, paste it in the Dentex Downloader column.

Choose format

Select the format to be downloaded. Do you want to download in mp4 format? Or do you want to download in 3gp, mp3, or MOV format? Everything is available at Dentex.

Select size

There are various types of video or audio quality that can be downloaded from Dentex, ranging from HD to video with a low size. If you don’t have problems with large sizes, then you can download HD for a maximum content enjoyment experience

After completing the steps above, just wait until the video or audio file is downloaded on the mobile. Then, enjoy the video and audio. Users can also send downloaded results to others, like savefrom mp3 Youtube.

It’s so easy to download videos and audio using Dentex. So, you don’t need to hesitate anymore. Immediately download Dentex Youtube downloader now. Enjoy music and other content without worrying about limited quota.


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